Tuesday, April 29, 2008

16 Blocks

16 Blocks
-The number of blocks that Bruce Willis alias Jack Mosely, a veteran cop, had to go to get a witness to the courthouse to testify against some cops.

The cops have all the advantages. The witness was a simple man who had been in a number of scrapes with the law.

But now he wanted to change and open a bakery. But first he had to get to the courthouse and testify against the rogue cops. What are the chances of them letting THAT happen?

16 Blocks [Blu-Ray]
16 Blocks [HD-DVD]

Bruce Willis risks his life repeatedly to save the witness. Then he tells the witness the truth and lets him go. Lets him go to get away from New York City and set up his bakery.

Just before he does, he reveals the truth to the witness who was not to be a witness but free to be a baker in Seattle!

The truth of the movie is "People Can Change". The witness changed. A whole host of others have changed. And then two years later Jack gets a cake. On the cake is the list of people the witness quoted as having changed their lives... and the last one was JACK MOSLEY!

Friday, April 18, 2008

I Am Legend with Will Smith

Wow. Another sad but thought-provoking movie with a nostalgic but happier ending. That is I-Legend or I Am Legend.

I am beginning to admire Will Smith more and more. I saw him in two movies recently. This one in which he plays a scientist in a world dying from a human-manufactured virus. And then the worst happens ....


Widescreen Special Two-Disk Edition

Widescreen Single-Disk

An unbelievable new world in which he is the only survivor .... or IS HE?

This is my favorite kind of movie, where the sacrifice of one gives life to the many. Not quoted exactly, but do you remember the Star Trek movie where Spock utters this line?

PG-13 but as far as I could tell other than being somewhat horrifying in spots, there was nothing questionable. Hey Hollywood! You CAN do it! You have to want to!

Don't miss it!

New Star Trek

Inspiring Movies

Let's simplify things.

Two basic kinds of movies. Yes I know there are more but I am talking about adult, non-cartoon, dramatic movies. There are great fantasy movies too. Movies that entertain. Movies that make you laugh.

There are documentaries and "pretend documentaries" like Michael Moore's which are actually political statement movies. Documentaries reveal interesting facts. Let's pretend documentaries are movies which attempt to move you to the point of view of the author regardless of truth. It is the author's or director's perception of truth that is important. "Don't confuse us with the real facts! My mind is made up" movies.

But here we are talking about movies that EITHER INSPIRE or DESPIRE you! Never heard of 'despire'? Don't feel bad because I just made it up.

Inspiring movies move you toward greatness. Despiring movies move you toward desperation! They do the opposite of inspiring you. I am sure you can think of a whole host of movies which show the lowest of the human condition, that make you feel cynical and hopeless. It is not my purpose to even mention them because they have already received more credit than their due.

Here we intend to point out movies that raise the bar of human compassion and inspiration. Movies that raise the bar not lower it. Movies which may not have been thought of by the Hollywood elite as particularly good in some cases but nevertheless move you to positive action not negative desperation.

The Passion of the Christ is obviously one of these. I have a DVD which outlines some of the amazing acts that Mel Gibson's movie led individuals to do. Did you hear about the man who murdered his wife, but was let go with no proof that he did it.

Later, in prison for another act, he saw "Passion of the Christ and confessed to the warden that he had also murdered his wife. Asked to explain how he fooled the crime investigators, he told them that he watched CSI all the time!

It is not my purpose to cast aspersions toward CSI. I enjoy the show except for the bloody dramatizations of how someone was murdered!

I hope that you some of you who read this will catch the vision and email me at cgpedley@gmail.com and ask to make a contribution or suggestion about movies that YOU found inspiring!